Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy Boy!

Well George has had a very busy week but has taken it really well. He and Mummy have been out everyday, walking, meeting up with friends and family etc. Its been great for him as hes getting used to getting in and out of his very cool buggy and also likes the car rides now.

He slept abit funny earlier in the week. He was waking again 2-3 times a night but last night he went down from 8-4am which is more like it! He seemed alot happier today and hopefully this is how it will stay for a while.

George's new thing is to pee all over his change table, Mummy or Daddy and the floor. I've had to change all the covers on his change table twice this week as he has peed all over them. Never least his bits are working properly!

George gets distracted when breastfeeding now and sometimes he tries to have a conversation with me whilst feeding which is very funny. But not so cute at two in the morning...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sleeping Beauty!

George had a very tiring day yesterday as the baby course was a little bit much for him. He was good in the first hour (asleep!) but then cried lots in the 2nd hour as he was hungry but doesn't feed well in public. Poor lad! Anyway, he missed out on about two hours of sleep yesterday afternoon and come bedtime he looked like this... asleep in his bath. Bless him. He looks like a right angel when he floats about in his bath.

We thought as George was so tired that we were sure to get him to sleep right through as per usual. Ohhhhh no, he woke up at 2.30am, then 5am, then 6.30am. Growth spurt perhaps?? Who knows... put it down to the mysteries of babies and fingers crossed for a better sleep today and tonight!

Monday, June 26, 2006

10 Weeks old!

While Mummy was pampered in a day spa yesterday, Daddy looked after George on his own. George woke up when Mummy was leaving, had a bottle, played for a while and then went down for a nap and slept for 2.5 hours until Mummy got back! Very good boy. Daddy was probably very relieved and even managed to start dinner!

George is developing very quickly. He oohs and ahhhs all the time now and wakes up from his sleep with smiles instead of cries. The only time he really cries on waking is the early morning feed when he's really really hungry.

During that early morning feed he now tries to play with Mummy and starts to talk to her but Mummy has to ignore him otherwise George won't go back down for a sleep.

He loves watching the World Cup on the telly and also loves his new bouncer and toys, especially the swinging teddy bear.

Today, Mummy and George are going to a course in the afternoon. Its about "The Growing Baby" and hopefully George is well behaved unlike the massage course last week. He cried and cried during the whole thing.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tummy Time!

9 week old George

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9 weeks and 2 days and sleeping through!

Our clever clever boy is now sleeping through the night! George now sleeps from 8pm - 5am without a stir and then goes back down at 5.30-5.45am and sleeps until 8am. Such a good boy!

He now seems to be grasping the hang of his hands and also thumb sucking which is saving Mummy and Daddy from having to put our fingers in his mouth to calm him.

Tomorrow, George and Mummy are attending a Baby massage course which should be fun! Fingers crossed he is good and doesn't cry the entire time!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

More pics

Friday, June 16, 2006

Two Months old!

George has been awesome the past two days. Yesterday he slept through my entire appointment which was great because I was so worried he'd scream his head off. Then we went to visit Saffron and Caelan and he was reasonably well behaved there...abit of crying but he soon settled on me and slept for a time. Bless him!

He is making new sounds everyday. Yesterday he made a sort of cooing when Sean touched his nose and he kept doing it...very cute. He also turned and looked at Sean yesterday when Sean called his name! Clever boy!

Last night we had to put George down abit earlier as Sean was doing a mix in the studio and George slept from 8pm to 3.45am! Awesome. He then went straight back to sleep at 4.30am and slept until 7am. Such a good sleeper and Mummy feels great when she only has to get up once in the night! I got 8 hours sleep last night!

Today the weather is packing in so George and I are going to have a cosy stay-at-home day. George will play under his gym and get some tummy time (he might just roll over again) and hopefully have a few naps. He's sleeping better during the day now as he has found his thumb and when he wakes up after 30 mins he just puts his thumb in his mouth and drifts off back to sleep.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

8 weeks and two days old!

Well its been an interesting few days for wee George. On Saturday night we went around to Uncle Kev and Auntie Lous for dinner. George was crying the entire time we were there! We felt so bad but I guess we have to get George used to socialising.

He did however coo and smile for a little bit so that Uncle Kev and Auntie Lou didn't think he was the baby from hell! :)

George is starting to sleep abit better during the day now. I think its because he's abit older and understands that its sleep time when put down into his bed. We took George to the supermarket again this week and he was good except he started crying half way round so Mummy or Daddy had to put their finger in his mouth to stop him from kicking up too much of a fuss!

Yesterday the power was out here in Auckland from 8.30am - 3pm. It was like a 3rd world country! Hard to drive around the city in the pouring rain with no traffic lights working and a screaming baby in the back! Thank god George is breastfed otherwise he would of had no bottles to drink! I kept thinking about those Mum's formula feeding their babies and trying to make up bottles with no power. Musta been very hard.

George is having a great day so far. Last night he slept from 9.30pm - 4.30am and then went back down at 5am and slept til 8am. He's been very smiling and cooing lots today. He's now back down for a sleep.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Mr Active!

George is being very good lately and is very well behaved when he is out with Mummy. We went out and about alot this week and in general he's been just fantastic!

Absolutely loves his play gym and can lie under it for ages talking to himself.

George is starting to get a right little personality now and according to Plunket is an "anxious" baby. I think that means that he stresses a little and goes from one extreme emotion to the other. We love him so much though... even when he poos all up his back and then when Mummy is changing the nappy he pees all over her and the carpet. Bless.

George visited his friend Caelan today. Caelan is almost 10 weeks old. They didn't really talk much cause Caelan was feeding and George was crying but I'm sure they will play nicely one day!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

7 Weeks and 2 days old

Well, we took George away for his first trip this weekend just gone. We went up to Oma and Poppa's in Waipu. George was generally a little angel...slept soundly in a fish bin for a bed! Very cute... The drive up was good, he slept for most of the way but whenever the car would stop at a red light, Mummy had to gently shake his capsule so that he would go back to sleep... bless!
He's doing really well...making lots of cooing and ahhhing noises and trying to talk to us.

George is also kicking at things now and reaching to grab the toys on his play gym. He loves baby mozart and Mummy and Daddy's singing...especially Mummy's special George song and Daddy's Xmas carols by trumpet noises. :)

He gets another visit from Plunket on Wednesday to see how he's growing... he must be doing good cause he's growing out of his clothes pretty fast!

George gets abit windy most days (like his father!) so I'm now on Blessed Thistle tablets from the Naturopath to hopefully help my milk from getting him too windy.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cry cry cry...

George has been Mr Grizzly Pants the last couple of days. He won't go to sleep in his cot during the day...and just cries and cries... then when I go in he stops crying and is fine. I think he is just trying it on but can't be sure so after 15-20 minutes I just have to go back in and pick him up. Hate the thought of him working himself up!

Went out in the buggy with George the past two days as the weather has been beautiful. Cold but gorgeous blue skies... The 30 minute walk does me and him alot of good... I'm pretty unfit though! I'm puffing after 10 minutes of walking... I guess it is kinda hilly around here though.

Can't post for long because Master Cooper is crying again... and I still have to bring in the washing, dry the dishes, pack for our trip up north and sort out dinner! The days just pass by soooo quickly!