Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rolling, sitting, yelling and opening doors!

Well, as you can probably tell from the title of this post, George is definately moving forward in leaps and bounds. His rolling is really good now and he knows to tuck his head in so that he doesn't bump it. He's also sitting for about 30-40 secs at one time now before toppling over. We have a really cool toy that helps him sit up. Its a bunch of musical flowers that he has between his legs and he can play them (each flower make a musical note).
George's voice is definately getting louder. He loves to yell and also sing in the car. Soooo cute! George had an audition for a commercial last week. Long story but he did really well. Funny though, as I was parking outside the studio I could hear this big "ggrrrrrggghhhh" coming from the backseat. George was doing a poo! I had about 2 mins to get inside for the audition so no time to change his nappy. Lucky it wasn't an explosive one so I just got some nice smelling baby cream and rubbed it on him in hope it would cover up the stink!

George's new game is opening doors. We go down to his room and through each door. When we get to the door we say "Open the door" or Sean says "Do your job" and George reaches out with one hand and opens the door. So funny cause he peeps through as he does it and gets real excited when he opens it. We are sooo proud!

Still sleeping through the night, not crawling yet but does creep forward on his belly, no sign of teeth yet but still gnawing on everything and we are back at Jumping Beans this week! Yay!

For some reason I can't upload pics at the mo so will do so later on today.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Chappy

Heres our happy boy this morning... you wouldn't think it was the same baby from last night! Sean and I left George with Yaya and Poppa Nolan last night while we went to a wedding... it was the first time anyone else has ever put him to bed. We thought if Yaya and Poppa stuck to the routine that it would be o.k... but no, George wasn't having it! After his bath, dressing and bottle he went down o.k...then cried and cried and Mummy and Daddy had to come home early. Nevermind...maybe next time, eh George?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

More pics!

Swimming With Daddy!!! And he loved It!

George and his friend, Finn!

Hi everyone! Look how cute I am!

George is cool...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Can you tell we've been busy???

Daddy and George

Mummy and George

George watching water being poured in...

Mmmmm...yummy Banana!

Hi everyone,
Its been a crazy couple of weeks here... having lots of fun though. With lots of work on in the office I don't have as much time to make updates on here anymore... will try to do it every week though!

George is still sleeping through the night now. Its been three weeks! I feel pretty great getting more sleep. He's almost at 4 hour feeds now and 3 solid feeds a day. He now eats lots of different foods. Kumara, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli, courgette, pear, banana, avocado, toast and puha too! He loves all the foods and the puha has been great for softening up the poos. For those in the UK, Puha is a cross between watercress and dandelion.

George has been rolling from back to front heaps and I found him on his tummy under his blankets giggling the other day. I had put him down for a nap and an hour later there he was! Silly boy!

He's also trying to speak... does this little "Zaa", "baaa" noise...whispers it and talks back to me when I talk to him. So cute! Lots of reaching up to be picked up and cuddles. Likes to say, "Da da" alot which of course Sean believes its directed at him. George says it to everything though!

We think George is teething... last night he woke up a couple of times for a quick cuddle and I think its cause his wee teeth are hurting. He was sooo good though...straight back down without a fuss. I reckon we'll see some teeth popping through within the next couple of weeks.

We start swimming classes tomorrow! Hope George enjoys it... its a school called Paddle Tots (how cute is that!) and is a class especially for babies. Will hope to get some pics and post up on the site next week.

Beautiful day here so I'm off to enjoy! Bye!