Friday, January 30, 2009

Our big boy!

George is sleeping without a nappy at night! He has been dry in the mornings for ages now so we decided to bite the bullet (no going back ya see) and put him in undies at night. He is doing SO well! He wakes up some nights around 3 or 4 in the morning and goes to the loo and then back to bed (or in our bed occasionally) and then some nights he sleeps right through and then goes to the loo as soon as he wakes up. We are so so proud of him.

He had such a lovely holiday with us all and is now back at Karaka Learning Centre. He was a little funny the first day back but pretty much settled into his wee routine there. He goes swimming every morning at the preschool. They don't do alot of training type lessons but mainly playing and flutterboards but we are happy with that since he is back at Paddle Tots for his last term this weekend. Can't believe he's been going for 2.5 years!

Over Auckland Anniversary weekend we went up to Waipu to see Oma and Opa and it was such a great weekend. George slept on his own in a big bed in his own room and slept through the night. He also played so well at the beach, loving the waves and playing a game that Opa made up called 'Smashed him bro'... its abit of an injoke for those who watch a certain sports show here in NZ where they show clips of big tackles or incidents in sports that week. 'Smashed him bro' for George was basically getting dumped by the waves at the beach. :)