Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's almost 3! Eek!

Our darling boy is just moving too quick for us to keep up. Right now I'm trying to think of all the things he has been doing since our last post but really can't think of them all but I know its been alot!

George is now fully toilet trained both during the day and night. He takes himself off to the loo before bed and mostly comes and gets us in the middle of the night if he needs to go but mainly hangs on until the morning. In the morning we sometimes here him toddle off to the loo and it makes us smile cause we are so proud. He then comes into our room and says "Hiiiiiii Mama, Hiiiii Dadda... good morning! I did a wee wee..." Bless him...

He is just such a great big brother to Rosa. He really looks forward to her waking in the morning and goes in all excited to see her saying "Good morning little lady... hello Rosa Dosa". Very cute. He has no jealousy at all and completely understands if we need to wait for Rosa to finish being fed or can't do something straight away cause of Rosa. Just an awesome awesome boy.

He is still loving going to Karaka Learning Centre and is playing so well there. Really role playing and runs off to all his friends when Mama picks him up to say goodbye to them all.

George graduates from Paddle Tots next month and is off to big swim school. That means he'll be in the water on his own from now on which is quite scary but I can really see him doing well. Just hope he remembers to listen. He mostly listens but sometimes get distracted abit. But that's all the time not just in the pool I suppose. He is a pretty good boy though... only one or two time outs a week (if that!) and always says sorry for things if he has been abit naughty. Before nap time in the afternoons he almost always says "Mama, thank you for taking me to the Gardens/to playgroup/baking with me/making me lunch etc" It just melts my heart.

Can't believe he is going to be 3 next month. Time is a crazy crazy thing. Its just gone so fast and I really can't remember him being a baby anymore. I look back on this blog from time to time to remind myself and it brings me to tears. What an amazing baby he was and kid he is now. We are truly blessed and wouldn't change our number one boy for all the tea in china.