Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Big 3 year old!

I find it really hard to comprehend that George is now three... its just crazy! He really isn't that lovely little baby anymore and as much as we can try to hang onto that his own willpower and yearning to learn and assert himself is really too strong. He is making thought out decisions now and although we battle daily he really is such a good loving and kind natured boy.

George was really aware of his birthday this year as there were alot of birthdays at his school leading up to his big day so he was really looking forward to his. Mainly the appeal of a cake was the major thing! 'And cake too Mama????'

When he woke up on his actual birthday we had his new 'big boy bike' waiting for him... he was so excited and wanted to go and ride it straight away and wasn't too impressed that it was dark outside. We also got him a few other things like books, stickers and a tea set as he loves pretending to make us coffee in the mornings. Sean took the day off work and we left Rosa with her Yaya and took George to school. We took in a cake and watched him play with all his friends. He barely noticed we were there really, Sean kept saying that George was having so much fun that maybe we should leave him there to play all day. But we had made plans...

All the kids sat down at their tables and it was also another child, Kayla's birthday on the same day, so two cakes! Yum! I must say George's was yummier though and looked pretty cool! I had made bugs and beetles and leaves and vines on it with icing... every kid likes bugs! Especially ones made out of icing!

They all sang him happy birthday and he was really chuffed...kept telling everyone he was three. After morning tea we watched him swim at the pool that have there... he was pretty reserved, much more than he usually is at swimming. I wondered if that was normal and one of his carers said that he was alot quieter that morning in the pool so maybe he was trying to be well behaved and reserved for us!

After swimming we picked Rosa up and went home for an early lunch and a nap. Once the kids were up in the afternoon we went to the Botanic Gardens for George's first bike ride on his bike. Oh. My. God... he took off down the hill and just didn't stop. Sean and I had to run to keep up and I was freaking when he was out of sight. What if he fell over and hurt himself? What if a truck came? But he was fine. He fell off a few times but got straight back on and off he went again. He loves his big boy bike and is getting more and more confident everyday... even trying to do 'tricks'.

The following Saturday was his birthday party and we ended up with 15 kids and around 25 adults at one point! Crazy! He LOVED it though and played away with everyone...thankfully the weather was awesome and everyone could lay about outside. He was especially thrilled to see his two buddies from school, Thomas and Jeremy and his cousins Taylor and Rylee from Wellington.

The night before I painstakingly made the Finley the fireengine cake. It was very hard this year...Rosa kept waking from teething and the red colouring wasn't right. But I got there in the end and it kinda looked o.k, at least George knew who it was!

All in all a great third birthday... now he keeps saying he's going to be 4 on Thursday. Sigh... either he likes cake abit too much OR he wants to grow up quicker. Since he's turned 3 though he has really changed. Much more demanding for things and also started wetting his bed at night again. Last few night have been good, thanks to the introduction of sugerfree sweets. He gets one in the morning if he is dry. This has seen him go to the loo again at 3-4am which is great. Yippee to less washing!

Now that he is three he is bringing home homework from school. Just a little notebook with a book to read at the back and some wee activities inside like learning to spell his name (which he already knew anyway, can verbally spell it and recognise it but now its also writing his name), pencil control, recognising matching pairs etc. He also spells his surname but sometimes misses out the second 'o' in Cooper. I feel so proud marking off his homework and putting a sticker next to my signature each day. He also has gone back to being interested in the number magnets on the fridge and can pick out the numbers that are scattered about the door and put them in order. He can also do A through to G in the alphabet but must lose interest after G!

Yesterday George started his first day at 'big boy's swim school'! He's now going in the water on his own with one other child and a teacher. He did so well, considering the other boy is 4! He just needs to get his little legs to the surface more and keep his legs straight when he kicks. So proud to see him toddle off on his own with googles on and listen carefully to Kay the instructor. Bless... at least he's listening to someone! :)