Monday, May 08, 2006

3 weeks old today!

Well its been 3 weeks since George arrived in this world and what a journey its been so far. He is quite a good boy. Just has problems going to sleep during the day but we are getting there. He feeds really well and seems to be putting on weight everyday. He wasn't up to his birth weight last week at 2 weeks but we think he is there now!

George is smiling now and is holding his head up for over a minute on his own! Crazy! We think its because he was overdue and is a little advanced physically. He follows us with his eyes around the room and loves to watch Arsenal matches with his Dad and have "mummy kisses" with his Mum. He is growing out of his newborn clothes now and is just a little small for all his 3 month old stuff yet.

Mum and Dad are getting good amounts of sleep. Dad more so than Mum...but Mum still gets 7 hours (broken in two halves) sleep per night so thats not too bad!

George is doing really good and we are totally in love with him! We can't tell who he looks like just yet as some days he looks alot like Daddy but most of the time he looks like Mum.


At 9:08 PM, Anonymous granddad said...

he was forced to watch the arsenal, he phoned and told me.


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