Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Big 3 year old!

I find it really hard to comprehend that George is now three... its just crazy! He really isn't that lovely little baby anymore and as much as we can try to hang onto that his own willpower and yearning to learn and assert himself is really too strong. He is making thought out decisions now and although we battle daily he really is such a good loving and kind natured boy.

George was really aware of his birthday this year as there were alot of birthdays at his school leading up to his big day so he was really looking forward to his. Mainly the appeal of a cake was the major thing! 'And cake too Mama????'

When he woke up on his actual birthday we had his new 'big boy bike' waiting for him... he was so excited and wanted to go and ride it straight away and wasn't too impressed that it was dark outside. We also got him a few other things like books, stickers and a tea set as he loves pretending to make us coffee in the mornings. Sean took the day off work and we left Rosa with her Yaya and took George to school. We took in a cake and watched him play with all his friends. He barely noticed we were there really, Sean kept saying that George was having so much fun that maybe we should leave him there to play all day. But we had made plans...

All the kids sat down at their tables and it was also another child, Kayla's birthday on the same day, so two cakes! Yum! I must say George's was yummier though and looked pretty cool! I had made bugs and beetles and leaves and vines on it with icing... every kid likes bugs! Especially ones made out of icing!

They all sang him happy birthday and he was really chuffed...kept telling everyone he was three. After morning tea we watched him swim at the pool that have there... he was pretty reserved, much more than he usually is at swimming. I wondered if that was normal and one of his carers said that he was alot quieter that morning in the pool so maybe he was trying to be well behaved and reserved for us!

After swimming we picked Rosa up and went home for an early lunch and a nap. Once the kids were up in the afternoon we went to the Botanic Gardens for George's first bike ride on his bike. Oh. My. God... he took off down the hill and just didn't stop. Sean and I had to run to keep up and I was freaking when he was out of sight. What if he fell over and hurt himself? What if a truck came? But he was fine. He fell off a few times but got straight back on and off he went again. He loves his big boy bike and is getting more and more confident everyday... even trying to do 'tricks'.

The following Saturday was his birthday party and we ended up with 15 kids and around 25 adults at one point! Crazy! He LOVED it though and played away with everyone...thankfully the weather was awesome and everyone could lay about outside. He was especially thrilled to see his two buddies from school, Thomas and Jeremy and his cousins Taylor and Rylee from Wellington.

The night before I painstakingly made the Finley the fireengine cake. It was very hard this year...Rosa kept waking from teething and the red colouring wasn't right. But I got there in the end and it kinda looked o.k, at least George knew who it was!

All in all a great third birthday... now he keeps saying he's going to be 4 on Thursday. Sigh... either he likes cake abit too much OR he wants to grow up quicker. Since he's turned 3 though he has really changed. Much more demanding for things and also started wetting his bed at night again. Last few night have been good, thanks to the introduction of sugerfree sweets. He gets one in the morning if he is dry. This has seen him go to the loo again at 3-4am which is great. Yippee to less washing!

Now that he is three he is bringing home homework from school. Just a little notebook with a book to read at the back and some wee activities inside like learning to spell his name (which he already knew anyway, can verbally spell it and recognise it but now its also writing his name), pencil control, recognising matching pairs etc. He also spells his surname but sometimes misses out the second 'o' in Cooper. I feel so proud marking off his homework and putting a sticker next to my signature each day. He also has gone back to being interested in the number magnets on the fridge and can pick out the numbers that are scattered about the door and put them in order. He can also do A through to G in the alphabet but must lose interest after G!

Yesterday George started his first day at 'big boy's swim school'! He's now going in the water on his own with one other child and a teacher. He did so well, considering the other boy is 4! He just needs to get his little legs to the surface more and keep his legs straight when he kicks. So proud to see him toddle off on his own with googles on and listen carefully to Kay the instructor. Bless... at least he's listening to someone! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's almost 3! Eek!

Our darling boy is just moving too quick for us to keep up. Right now I'm trying to think of all the things he has been doing since our last post but really can't think of them all but I know its been alot!

George is now fully toilet trained both during the day and night. He takes himself off to the loo before bed and mostly comes and gets us in the middle of the night if he needs to go but mainly hangs on until the morning. In the morning we sometimes here him toddle off to the loo and it makes us smile cause we are so proud. He then comes into our room and says "Hiiiiiii Mama, Hiiiii Dadda... good morning! I did a wee wee..." Bless him...

He is just such a great big brother to Rosa. He really looks forward to her waking in the morning and goes in all excited to see her saying "Good morning little lady... hello Rosa Dosa". Very cute. He has no jealousy at all and completely understands if we need to wait for Rosa to finish being fed or can't do something straight away cause of Rosa. Just an awesome awesome boy.

He is still loving going to Karaka Learning Centre and is playing so well there. Really role playing and runs off to all his friends when Mama picks him up to say goodbye to them all.

George graduates from Paddle Tots next month and is off to big swim school. That means he'll be in the water on his own from now on which is quite scary but I can really see him doing well. Just hope he remembers to listen. He mostly listens but sometimes get distracted abit. But that's all the time not just in the pool I suppose. He is a pretty good boy though... only one or two time outs a week (if that!) and always says sorry for things if he has been abit naughty. Before nap time in the afternoons he almost always says "Mama, thank you for taking me to the Gardens/to playgroup/baking with me/making me lunch etc" It just melts my heart.

Can't believe he is going to be 3 next month. Time is a crazy crazy thing. Its just gone so fast and I really can't remember him being a baby anymore. I look back on this blog from time to time to remind myself and it brings me to tears. What an amazing baby he was and kid he is now. We are truly blessed and wouldn't change our number one boy for all the tea in china.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our big boy!

George is sleeping without a nappy at night! He has been dry in the mornings for ages now so we decided to bite the bullet (no going back ya see) and put him in undies at night. He is doing SO well! He wakes up some nights around 3 or 4 in the morning and goes to the loo and then back to bed (or in our bed occasionally) and then some nights he sleeps right through and then goes to the loo as soon as he wakes up. We are so so proud of him.

He had such a lovely holiday with us all and is now back at Karaka Learning Centre. He was a little funny the first day back but pretty much settled into his wee routine there. He goes swimming every morning at the preschool. They don't do alot of training type lessons but mainly playing and flutterboards but we are happy with that since he is back at Paddle Tots for his last term this weekend. Can't believe he's been going for 2.5 years!

Over Auckland Anniversary weekend we went up to Waipu to see Oma and Opa and it was such a great weekend. George slept on his own in a big bed in his own room and slept through the night. He also played so well at the beach, loving the waves and playing a game that Opa made up called 'Smashed him bro'... its abit of an injoke for those who watch a certain sports show here in NZ where they show clips of big tackles or incidents in sports that week. 'Smashed him bro' for George was basically getting dumped by the waves at the beach. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

George - Holidays!

George has been such a good kid since the arrival of his baby sister, Rosa. O.k, we do have the odd off day, and sometimes he's been quite naughty and had to have time out but all in all, he's pretty awesome. He has got to do lots of cool stuff since Rosa arrived, like go to the movies, train rides, Zoo trips and then of course he was spoilt by Santa at Xmas.

On Xmas Eve, we put out cookies and milk on the hearth of the fireplace and we also put carrots and a bowl of water out for the reindeer in the backyard. George LOVED doing this and was so excited. On Xmas morning he forgot all about Xmas and we had to remind him... then there was no stopping him. He got a swing and slide set and a firetruck and station from Santa, clothes, books and a cricket and golf set from Mama and Dadda and the family.

George's language is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. He talks really well now, if a little muddled sometimes. Physically he is full of action and his new 'cool trick' is to run down his slide and jump off at the end. Gives Mama and Dadda a heartattack but hey, he'll learn I guess!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What George has been up to...

George has been a busy little boy over the past few weeks. Mama was on maternity leave so George and I did lots of things together. We now attend playgroup in Clevedon regulary which is so nice, such a lovely group of Mums and kids.

George is getting used to having his little sister Rosa around. The first week was very hard but this week seems to be a little better so far. You can catch up with Rosa's news and pics at

George is now able to go swimming at preschool as he has been accident free for so long now with his toilet training. He is doing so well and really seems to be enjoying school although he is learning bad habits like biting, hitting and screaming. Sigh... oh well, you can't win them all.

He went to the movies for the first time on Sunday with his Dadda. He saw Madagascar 2 and was so excited by it. There are a few random pics attached for your perusal... hopefully when Rosa settles abit more I'll be able to post more often about the ongoing adventures of our number one boy, George.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quick Update on the Rugrat!

Pics from the Clevedon A & P Show

Hanging around at home

Merani and George

Mr Cheeky

Halloween Night - Boo At The Zoo (George dressed up as a bat and hung out with the fairies...

He's growing up so fast... too fast somedays and then again other days not enough. I really can't believe what a little person he is now with his strong opinions and kind nature. Touch wood he's been really healthy of late and he seems to be alot happier for it too.

Things have been a bit stressful here in the Cooper household with the ongoing illness of my grandad and his frequent trips too and from the hospital. The other day when I was having a wee cry about it all, George said to me. "Oh mama, you are sad. Please don't cry mama, I'm here for you." Totally melted my heart and made me feel even more emotional. Then he proceeded to sing me a song and it went "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, its o.k... I'm here for you, its o.k." Little lyrical master. :)

The boy grows hair like he stands in horse poos... constantly having to cut it (as you will see from the photos pre and post cut). He is also really looking forward to the arrival of our little girl baby caterpillar who is due anyday now. He constantly talks about her like she is part of everything, for example if we say we are going to the supermarket he says "And baby Caterpillar too?"... bless him.

Anyway, just posting up some more pics and will try to find the time today to update Baby Caterpillar's blog too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More pics

Before and after the 'big haircut!'