Friday, June 02, 2006

Cry cry cry...

George has been Mr Grizzly Pants the last couple of days. He won't go to sleep in his cot during the day...and just cries and cries... then when I go in he stops crying and is fine. I think he is just trying it on but can't be sure so after 15-20 minutes I just have to go back in and pick him up. Hate the thought of him working himself up!

Went out in the buggy with George the past two days as the weather has been beautiful. Cold but gorgeous blue skies... The 30 minute walk does me and him alot of good... I'm pretty unfit though! I'm puffing after 10 minutes of walking... I guess it is kinda hilly around here though.

Can't post for long because Master Cooper is crying again... and I still have to bring in the washing, dry the dishes, pack for our trip up north and sort out dinner! The days just pass by soooo quickly!


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