Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

George all excited and happy about his cake and the singing!

The tunnel we made for the kids to crawl through..

Caelan and Merani bouncing on the trampoline.

Crazy happy George...

George and Merani jumping...

Wow... its "George Monkey"

The cake! Yaya baked and Mama decorated...

The backyard all set up before the guests arrived.

The painting sheet awaiting the little artists...

Backyard set up...

More backyard!

Well its been sooo long since we last posted. We have been crazy busy with George starting daycare two days per week, last of the summer sun and holidays PLUS really we have just been abit lazy. :)

George is fantastic... really really awesome. He's like a little kid now, lots of conversations and his humour and happy nature is just amazing. Dadda and Mama are blown away by our love for him every day... he just makes us laugh all the time with his thoughts and silly ways.

George turns two on Wednesday the 16th April but we had a birthday party for him over the weekend. He LOVED it! Had lots of fun things to do and a few friends to join in the fun... it was so great to see how excited he was by it all. Even though he is two he knew that the party was for him and that he was special and everyone was there to make it a fun day just for him.

Here are some pics from the party including pics of his big present from Yaya, Poppa, Pup and Uncle Bill... his massive trampoline!!! It's awesome.


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous zoe said...

OMG that curious george cake is BEYOND COOL!! Happy birthday to the wee nugget from t&z! and love George's long hair, looking very cool-dude there.

looks like you guys had a fun party, and I hope you are getting your bounce on yourself... remember doing lux flakes on the tramp in the rain? I don't know why that was so fun, but I kind of feel like having a go now.... xxxx


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