Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Still waiting...

Well, after seing the obstetrician yesterday we are in the same boat. Waiting. All is really well with Nugget and I so there is no need to induce just yet. The OB put a portable scanner on my belly and Nugget has plenty of fluid so he's safe and happy in there. After speaking with my midwife we are going to wait until this Thursday and if we have had no progress then we are going to book in for an induction on Sunday night. Eek!

So at least I know that in a weeks time we will definately have our wee Nugget in our arms... can't wait! Fingers crossed that he'll appear before that though. There is a full moon this Friday so I'm hoping that may draw him out!

Also got weighed at the clinic and I've only put on around 7 kgs this entire pregnancy!


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