Tuesday, June 06, 2006

7 Weeks and 2 days old

Well, we took George away for his first trip this weekend just gone. We went up to Oma and Poppa's in Waipu. George was generally a little angel...slept soundly in a fish bin for a bed! Very cute... The drive up was good, he slept for most of the way but whenever the car would stop at a red light, Mummy had to gently shake his capsule so that he would go back to sleep... bless!
He's doing really well...making lots of cooing and ahhhing noises and trying to talk to us.

George is also kicking at things now and reaching to grab the toys on his play gym. He loves baby mozart and Mummy and Daddy's singing...especially Mummy's special George song and Daddy's Xmas carols by trumpet noises. :)

He gets another visit from Plunket on Wednesday to see how he's growing... he must be doing good cause he's growing out of his clothes pretty fast!

George gets abit windy most days (like his father!) so I'm now on Blessed Thistle tablets from the Naturopath to hopefully help my milk from getting him too windy.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Saffron said...

Hey you guys :) Glad your weekend away went so well! Let me know how the Blessed Thistle goes - may have to get some if it's good. Have a great day. Saff & The Screamer.

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