Sunday, December 24, 2006

Long overdue update!

Well George is doing lotsa new stuff now. He's crawling forwards occasionally but nearly always on his tummy. Won't be long and he'll be crawling properly. He is pulling himself up on his knees and standing and cruising while holding onto furniture. Not bad for a baby of 8 months! Can't believe how quickly time flies.

He talks in his own way, says dada, mmmmmmuuuuuuummmmm mmmm (mum), ta (cat), tata (water)... he has a very unique sense of humour too. He's eating like a big boy now. Has dairy products like yoghurt, semolina pudding, abit of cheese. Loves yoghurt... its like the bestest thing in the whole world!

He's loving being looked after by Yaya during the week and is very good for her. they make each other laugh and he really is such an angel.

NO TEETH YET! Arrrrrgggggh! One has cut through but then gone again. Very frustrating for George and us as he gets quite fussy.

Doing really well at swimming as you can see in the clip posted a while back. Can't wait to take him back to classes in the new year!


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