Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lots of new stuff but no teeth yet...

Well its been a crazy busy few weeks. George is still teething quite bad but nothing cutting through yet. I think within the next week we may have something... touch wood! George is doing lots of cool new things though... commando rolling, yelling lots and now kinda waves hello and goodbye and also claps his hands! We are so proud!

He also knows the word "cat". So when we say "where's the cat?", George looks down to the floor and around the furniture for Freya. I go back to work full time next week and George has had a practise day at Yaya's on Tuesday which went really really well. He was such a good boy and was there from 7.45am - 2.30pm. He had two wee sleeps and had lots of fun with Pop and Yaya.

George is also eating meat now. He eats Lamb, Kumara and Spinach for dinner and seems to love it! Today he tried berries for the first time at his friend, Caelan's place and really loved that! Needless to say I'll be picking up some frozen berries this weekend!

Today we had Baby Beans Gym and he had lots of fun doing the "Wiggly woo" and swinging from a trapeze. He also seems to love swimming class with Daddy and went under the water about 4-5 times last weekend. George is sitting for longer periods now. The longest he has sat up is about 15 mins but usually he topples over when he tries to get to his toys... such an active boy!


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we need our cute nugget fix for the week! I mean the stories are cute, but give us photos!


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