Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wow! Its been aggggggesss!

So sorry for not posting in a long time... we've been super busy!

Update in a nut shell
Teeth: Now has two bottom ones that are about 5mm through. Four top ones coming down at once at the mo, they have just cut through and two more coming up next to the two bottom ones! They took along time to come but they are here!

Movement: Crawling like a madman, cruising along the furniture, walls, ranch slider, chairs, anything! Can stand on his own for a few seconds before realising and then grabbing onto something. Runs and walks when he has both hands held. Walk slowly with only one hand held. Tries to climb up anything.

Other new things: Is obsessed with planes and helicopters in the sky. When he hears them he says "Whats that?" and points to the sky! He waves to people and high fives.

George has graduated from Baby Jumping Beans and is now at Toddler Beans. He can climb an A frame ladder and back down with Mummy only holding and guiding his feet...he controls his own balance and holding on. Is going to Mainly Music class with Yaya and is now in his 2nd term at Paddletots Swim School...

George went swimming in the ocean lots when Uncle Graham came to visit and he went under and was o.k. LOVES the waves and surf and playing in the sand.

At 10 mths old (yesterday) he weighs 11.1kgs and is 75.5 cms tall. Head circumference is 49cms! Big head apparently... doesn't suprise me! He is in the normal weight range for his height which suprised Daddy and Mummy!

Food: Eats anything...pretty much has adult food now but no sweets or fats, no unhealthy stuff. Loves yoghurt with a passion and also fruit like plums, apricots and watermelon.

Can't think of any other stuff at the mo... but check out the pics!


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello it's Eve again - the picture above seems to be George's way of saying "look at me! Aren't I handsome!" And we're rather inclined to agree! x


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