Sunday, July 20, 2008

George - Manners and mayhem!

Two year olds are a challenge... it doesn't matter whether you've got a well behaved one or a naughty one there is always something you are working on or worrying about.

George has been abit sickly this winter... cold after cold, strepthroat and now the ends of a chest infection... poor little guy. He is reasonably happy with it though but he does get a little frustrated at having to be kept indoors and out of the cold and wet. Toilet training is not going that great... he will happily go to the toilet when we ask him too but doesn't initiate it for himself at all which is a little frustrating... and when he is in the middle of doing a poo he definately won't rush off to the loo. Instead, when we ask him if he needs to go, he says no and ignores us while he quietly goes in his nappy.

His manners are fantastic though and about 95% of the time he is an angel child with a curious mind and a very outgoing nature. He'll say hello to strangers and interact with anybody which has its ups and downs. Slightly embarrassing when he is in the trolley at the supermarket and yelling out "hello! Good Morning!" to everyone down the aisle. :) Can't help but smile though...


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous zoe said...

that is one cute kid. and a poor sick puppy! hope he's feeling better soon :)

xxxx z


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