Tuesday, June 13, 2006

8 weeks and two days old!

Well its been an interesting few days for wee George. On Saturday night we went around to Uncle Kev and Auntie Lous for dinner. George was crying the entire time we were there! We felt so bad but I guess we have to get George used to socialising.

He did however coo and smile for a little bit so that Uncle Kev and Auntie Lou didn't think he was the baby from hell! :)

George is starting to sleep abit better during the day now. I think its because he's abit older and understands that its sleep time when put down into his bed. We took George to the supermarket again this week and he was good except he started crying half way round so Mummy or Daddy had to put their finger in his mouth to stop him from kicking up too much of a fuss!

Yesterday the power was out here in Auckland from 8.30am - 3pm. It was like a 3rd world country! Hard to drive around the city in the pouring rain with no traffic lights working and a screaming baby in the back! Thank god George is breastfed otherwise he would of had no bottles to drink! I kept thinking about those Mum's formula feeding their babies and trying to make up bottles with no power. Musta been very hard.

George is having a great day so far. Last night he slept from 9.30pm - 4.30am and then went back down at 5am and slept til 8am. He's been very smiling and cooing lots today. He's now back down for a sleep.


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