Thursday, August 03, 2006

Passed it on to Mummy

George enjoying tummy time


Trying so hard to roll over!

Silly soccer boy!

Who's that handsome lad? Oh, its me!!!

Well George has fully recovered from his wee lurgy but Mummy has it now and boy does it suck to be sick with a baby! All you wanna do is crawl into bed and sleep and of course that is impossible! Never mind... George is such a special baby and I forget all about the cold when I see his smiling wee face.

George rolled over once the other day from his back to his front and now its his new game. He is sooo determined to roll all the time and gets very upset when he can't quite do it!! He yells and yells and pushes sooo hard to turn over. Very very cute. He also loves looking in the mirror now and enjoys tummy time which he didn't a month or so ago. I truly think that Jumping Beans is helping. He loves going to Baby Beans class and loves the trampoline and the belly hammock the best. I think I'll try to take the camera next time I go and get some pics of him doing his thing.


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