Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy Boy!

Well George has had a very busy week but has taken it really well. He and Mummy have been out everyday, walking, meeting up with friends and family etc. Its been great for him as hes getting used to getting in and out of his very cool buggy and also likes the car rides now.

He slept abit funny earlier in the week. He was waking again 2-3 times a night but last night he went down from 8-4am which is more like it! He seemed alot happier today and hopefully this is how it will stay for a while.

George's new thing is to pee all over his change table, Mummy or Daddy and the floor. I've had to change all the covers on his change table twice this week as he has peed all over them. Never least his bits are working properly!

George gets distracted when breastfeeding now and sometimes he tries to have a conversation with me whilst feeding which is very funny. But not so cute at two in the morning...


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