Monday, August 28, 2006

Its been ages!

Blowing bubbles!

Loves to stand

George and Poppa

Our little angel...

George and Oma

Well, its been far too long since we last updated the blog and George has done lots of great things. We went up to visit Poppa and Oma in Waipu and George slept for the first time in his new portacot. He seemed to love it although he did sleep diagonally in it! He is also comfortable sleeping in it during the day and its great when we go visiting at Yaya's as George goes down for an hour or so in the spare room.

George also had his first experience at the beach last weekend and Daddy dangled his feet in the ocean. He thought it was soooo cool and also loved his feet being warmed up by Mummy later. George's biggest news is that he is now eating solids! He eats pumpkin and kumara and tried some pear the other day. He opens his mouth real wide and makes "ummmm...yummmmm....ummmmmmmmmm" noises while eating. We think he looks like a Mako Shark when he goes for the spoon... bless

He eats about 1/4 cup twice a day and so far we haven't seen any changes to his night sleeping... in fact he seems to be waking more! Oh well, can't win em all.

George is also rolling around lots and making lots of squeally sounds and laughing alot. He has a very low pitched giggle... very cute!


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