Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Slept through the night properly!

Mummy and George having a cuddle before bed...

Our big boy out growing his bath!

Family cuddle... but someone thinks its funny!


Daddy and George having moment...

Well, last night was a milestone. George actually slept through the night properly - not just 7-8 hours but from 8pm to 7am! Soooo good, although now its tempting to get tricked into a false sense of security. This won't happen all the time though so I best enjoy it.

George is doing soooo well. He has his last class of Jumping Beans on Thursday and we've enrolled him for next term too. He also starts Paddle tots - www.paddletots.co.nz - in October and will be doing that with his Daddy which is great for them both.

George has such a great sense of humour...hes very ticklish under his chin and along his sides and now all I have to do is say "tickle tickle tickle!" and he starts laughing.


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