Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Big Day

Well today was George's christening and his birthday party...
The day went really well... George barely cried during the ceremony. Just when he was bored and wanted to run around.

Then his wee party which was mainly family and a few friends. That was great too and George got very spoilt and also seemed to love all the attention.

Not alot of time to post because I'm knackered but I will post up some pics... some of George in general, some of his reaction to his trike that Mummy and Daddy bought him for his birthday, the babies at his party (George, Caelan and Cole) and also some of his kick ass cake that I made. It is Rocket from Disney's Little Einsteins (his favourite tv show). Mum baked the vanilla butter cakes and I carved them up and created the masterpiece (yes, I was very proud!).

Actual christening pics to come!


At 9:48 pm, Anonymous zoe said...

dude. that is the coolest cake I have ever ever ever seen.

we just debated what it was (me: some kind of spaceship, tom: a vehicle, ben: a computery dude giving 2 thumbs up) so... we're all kinda right, right?

At 10:44 am, Blogger Cooper said...

It's Rocket from Little Einsteins! :) Google "Little Einsteins" and you'll see it. Perhaps I ought to post a pic of the picture I created it from...
Lovely to hear from you!


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