Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What George has been up to...

George has been a busy little boy over the past few weeks. Mama was on maternity leave so George and I did lots of things together. We now attend playgroup in Clevedon regulary which is so nice, such a lovely group of Mums and kids.

George is getting used to having his little sister Rosa around. The first week was very hard but this week seems to be a little better so far. You can catch up with Rosa's news and pics at www.babycaterpillarcooper.blogspot.com

George is now able to go swimming at preschool as he has been accident free for so long now with his toilet training. He is doing so well and really seems to be enjoying school although he is learning bad habits like biting, hitting and screaming. Sigh... oh well, you can't win them all.

He went to the movies for the first time on Sunday with his Dadda. He saw Madagascar 2 and was so excited by it. There are a few random pics attached for your perusal... hopefully when Rosa settles abit more I'll be able to post more often about the ongoing adventures of our number one boy, George.


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