Saturday, April 22, 2006

Birth Story

2 weeks overdue, went in to hospital on Easter Sunday morning for the induction. Cervadil was put in at 9.30am and had to stay monitored for 30 mins or so. Then was free to go. Was only 1 cm at this stage so MW thought it would be a very long day.

Sean and I went downstairs to Muffin Break to get some early lunch and while I was down there I started to feel the beginnings of some cramping. After about 40 minutes I wanted to go back upstairs. Once upstairs at the assessment unit I started to feel quite abit of pain. Sean was awesome and started massaging my back for me and feeding me. By 11.30am I told Sean to get the midwife and tell her I was in labour. I don't think she believed us and kinda left us too it for a while longer. By 12.30pm I was in alot of pain. 2-3 mins apart and lasting about 30 secs. Had to be on all fours on the bed to be comfortable. 1pm: MW on duty came in and told me she'd ring my MW and tell her I was on my way and suggested I get into the big bath. That was an awesome idea!

Once in the bath the breaks between the contractions were so much more relaxing but the pain was still coming thick and fast. I had to be on all fours in the bath too as sitting down made it really really hurt. I tried to breathe properly but the steam from the bath made me feel abit claustrophobic. I asked Sean to call my Mum at this stage to come in as I now thought I was in active labour.

I was in the bath for about 1.5 hours and then needed some gas for the pain. I was making a really gutteral sound during the contractions and they were coming every minute now and lasting for 30-40 secs. MW on duty told me to get out of the pool and she'd get me some gas.

Got back to the room and I could hardly speak. Gas came and didn't seem to work for a while but then just barely cut through the pain. It was at this stage that Linda my MW turned up and took me though to the labouring suite. Somewhere under all the pain I was actually excited... here we go!

Once I got to the labour suite MW examined me and I was only 3cm! I could of cried. At this rate I'd be in this much pain for another 5-6 hours! Baby was still up quite high and hadn't decended enough. She broke my waters and asked if I wanted an epidural as she was going to have to administer synitocin to get this baby down quicker. At this stage I thought "yes please!" and opted for the epidural. That was the best decision I've made all year!

After the epidural I could still feel the contractions and my legs (could even move around in bed) but no more pain. It was wonderful. Within an hour I was at 7cm! just cause I was so relaxed. They had to monitor baby and found he was having some heart decelerations and had to take a sample of blood from his head to test his oxygen levels. They were talking emergency C section at this point and we were all worried. Turns out he was fine but still needed to come down in the pelvis more so they upt my synatocin and gave me a small epidural top up too.

Within about 30 mins or so I could feel alot of pressure and could feel baby moving lower down. I mentioned this to my MW and she said that she'd check me out. I was fully dialated and she asked me to give a little push. When I did, his head started coming out so she quickly called for assistance and basically said to push when I felt the urge. I could feel the pressure but it wasn't painful at all and started to push with the contractions. within two pushes, things went mad. He was almost out and they weren't quite ready for him. Sean, Mum and I were laughing as it was such a shock to have him almost out already. they put a mirror between my legs and I could see him and was laughing at how amazing it was. two more sets of pushes and he was out.

They put him onto my belly and he was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. He was heavy too and everyone couldn't believe it. So much for being told I was so small during pregnancy! Sean was totally dumbstruck and he cut the cord and said "Welcome to the world".
George John weighed in at 9lb, 10 oz and 53 cm long. Very healthy and alert and a APGAR score of 9.


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