Friday, June 16, 2006

Two Months old!

George has been awesome the past two days. Yesterday he slept through my entire appointment which was great because I was so worried he'd scream his head off. Then we went to visit Saffron and Caelan and he was reasonably well behaved there...abit of crying but he soon settled on me and slept for a time. Bless him!

He is making new sounds everyday. Yesterday he made a sort of cooing when Sean touched his nose and he kept doing it...very cute. He also turned and looked at Sean yesterday when Sean called his name! Clever boy!

Last night we had to put George down abit earlier as Sean was doing a mix in the studio and George slept from 8pm to 3.45am! Awesome. He then went straight back to sleep at 4.30am and slept until 7am. Such a good sleeper and Mummy feels great when she only has to get up once in the night! I got 8 hours sleep last night!

Today the weather is packing in so George and I are going to have a cosy stay-at-home day. George will play under his gym and get some tummy time (he might just roll over again) and hopefully have a few naps. He's sleeping better during the day now as he has found his thumb and when he wakes up after 30 mins he just puts his thumb in his mouth and drifts off back to sleep.


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous John& Ria said...

Hes looking a bit more like you Sean. Mind you a bit of a ginga too eh Mum. WE are really enjoying the blog. I bet Al & June love it too.


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