Friday, August 11, 2006

Update on George

George and Papoo (Great Grandad)

George and Aunty Mel

Rylee (2), George and Taylor (5)

Our big boy sitting on Dad's knee

Well, both George and Mummy have fully recovered from their terrible lurgy and are now 100% better. George has had a rather good week and seems to be going through a growth spurt. Yesterday he fed 2.5 hourly and he had 80mls of expressed milk and a big Mummy feed plus he took 200mls of formula before bed! He's starting to get rugby playing thighs...they are sooo chubby and cute!

George also spent some time with his cousins Taylor and Rylee this week and said Hi and Bye to them as they are off to Wellington to live (Hi guys!!!). As you can see in one of the pics he looks a little stressed out to say the least.

Yaya looked after George this week and saw the extent of George's wee stressy personality. I had put him down to sleep before I went to work and Mum said that when she went in to get him he stuck his lip out in protest...bless!


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