Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lotsa stuff!

Wow, haven't posted in ages! Lots has been happening and don't really know where to start.
George had a lovely time with Nanna Moon and Grandad Cooper while they were here... he misses them now that they have gone back and goes down to there room often and lays his wee head on the bed. bless...

We did lots while they were here though, went up to Waipu, then Waihi Beach and Hot Water Beach, Rotorua...the list goes on!

George is running around now and doesn't really crawl anymore. He also is talking heaps and has learnt lots of new words since the Coopers were her. Light, hot, look at this (yes, he does actually say that!), uh ohhhhh (when you fall over or drop something), tahhhh, kiss. Still can't say Mama yet. Sean is dad da and I'm Daaaadee! Oh and he says Zeus (Mum's cat) but has now starting calling our cat Freya Zeus as well!

Started back at Jumping Beans Gym a couple of weeks back and he now climbs unassisted up the a frame ladders and goes over the top on this own pretty much.

Here are lots of pics from the past month... some of his christening, some of our trips away and his time with Nanna Moon and Grandad.


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