Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Gaff

George's Room - his windows looks out to the playroom/sunroom/porch area.

Our bedroom - this pic makes it look small but its actually huge! About twice as big as it looks in this pic and opposite the bed is the porch doors to one end of the playroom.

the playroom. Once again this pic makes it looks quite small but its not. Also it has a mini picnic table for George and a couch in there now.

The hallway looking down to the lounge from outside our bedroom.

The backyard and one end of our garage. You can see the corner of the raised garden and behind the wintery looking trees in the very back of the shot is the railway tracks. Not too many trains though :)

The vege patch and our washing line!

Another shot of the backyard down the northen fence line.

Our kitchen looking into the dining room. Those windows look out to the front driveway and the olive trees.

One half of our lounge... makes it look small but its not. :)

Here are pics of the new house... it looks far better now since when these pics were taken (one day after we had moved in!).


At 2:13 pm, Anonymous zoe said...

howdy Barlow-Coopers! nice new place.. but what about some george pix, hey?

I am in sydney with tom now (for good) .. so much closer - see you soon, I hope!


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