Sunday, December 28, 2008

George - Holidays!

George has been such a good kid since the arrival of his baby sister, Rosa. O.k, we do have the odd off day, and sometimes he's been quite naughty and had to have time out but all in all, he's pretty awesome. He has got to do lots of cool stuff since Rosa arrived, like go to the movies, train rides, Zoo trips and then of course he was spoilt by Santa at Xmas.

On Xmas Eve, we put out cookies and milk on the hearth of the fireplace and we also put carrots and a bowl of water out for the reindeer in the backyard. George LOVED doing this and was so excited. On Xmas morning he forgot all about Xmas and we had to remind him... then there was no stopping him. He got a swing and slide set and a firetruck and station from Santa, clothes, books and a cricket and golf set from Mama and Dadda and the family.

George's language is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. He talks really well now, if a little muddled sometimes. Physically he is full of action and his new 'cool trick' is to run down his slide and jump off at the end. Gives Mama and Dadda a heartattack but hey, he'll learn I guess!


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