Wednesday, August 22, 2007

16 mths, talking, teething and toilet training!

Well, he sure is growing in leaps and bounds. George can say about 30 words now and can string words together like... "Look at this", "Oh wow", "Hi Pop (dada, mumma, yaya etc)", "there it is".

George understands alot... you can say to him in normal adult tones "go into your playroom and get your caterpillar book and bring it here, i'll read it too you" and he'll go into his playroom, hunt out the right book and bring it. Soooo cute!

He is cutting his molars which means abit of nightwaking and early mornings. Poor wee guy! Must be so painful.

George's biggest news is that he actually went to the toilet properly tonight. We could see that he was straining abit so we said "come on George... lets go do poos on the toilet" and he held my hand to the bathroom. We pulled his nappy down (this is where cloth works really well) and put him on a special insert for the normal toilet. We said " o.k George... do your poos" and made groaning sounds and he imitated us and then did two poos! :) soooooo clever. He was right proud of himself too you could see it on his little face. so, he's hoping for less pooey cloth nappies to deal with! Yay!

What else? George is still swimming each saturday. His kicking is slowly improving and he's still really enjoying it. He also started up at the local Jumping Beans in our area... the kids and mums here are abit anti social but George is breaking them in. He goes up to everyone and says hello and tries to play with the babies... very full on and social our boy! He goes to Clevedon Playgroup every Monday and Friday with Yaya. He apparently loves it there and gets to make scones, ride bikes, paint and play with dough... basically make loads of mess and have fun. Awesome.

Enjoy the pics!


At 12:14 pm, Anonymous zoe said...

how cute, with the following your instructions - if only all boys were so good at that!


At 2:17 pm, Blogger Saffron said...

Love the photo of him playing with his Mini Cooper!! Gorgeous!


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